Monday, April 7, 2008

Older Than Dirt.

I have, of late, come to the conclusion that I am older than dirt. It's been coming in dribs and drabs, but the signs are unmistakable.

For instance:

  • I haven't been 'carded' to buy beer for ages.
  • The gray hair is showing up. (GO AWAY!)
  • The fact that this year is a "milestone" birthday
  • Running into a classmate's 'little brother' only to realize that he has a 16 year old daughter
  • I say things like, "Remember when XXX was where YYY is?"
  • I probably disgust my children in taking about "When I was a kid..."

Today at work, one of my co-workers pointed out that his last mortgage payment was coming up this month. I replied that I have another 27 years to go and that I'd be paying till I was "old and gray". Another kind co-worker pointed out that I am "old and gray". Thanks, Andy - startin' to frost around the edges yourself, old boy!

This weekend, I took my family to see a musical at our local high school with friends of mine. We put on the exact same musical - 25 years ago! EEEK!!!

In most ways, I don't feel any older than I did when I was 15. (Ok - the occasional twinge in my back when I over-do things) I'm still really a kid at heart. Only my toys have changed. When you get older you tend to know a bit more. You may also think you have more freedom when you get older. In some ways that's true, but you also get saddled with more responsibilities. People just expect more from you. You may find that you have some of the same worries and insecurities that you did when you were 15. Then again, some of the insecurities can be a bit different. Now that you're older, people look up to you for answers. (Who? Me? I'm just a KID!)

A friend who is many years older than I am summed it up quite well. He once professed that he was just 15 years old with 50 years of experience!

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