Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spreading the Gospel

Had an interesting evening tonight.  I went to give a talk about wooden canoes, kayaks and paddles at a craft school - basically a summer camp for adults - with the woman who built a skin-on-frame kayak with me.  The school is interesting in that they are focused on the creative arts and crafts including (but not limited to!) glass work and blowing, fiber arts of various sorts, jewelry making, metal sculpture, woodworking, painting, and ceramics. 

I was curious how we would be received as boat-builders.  To draw attention to the talk that we were going to give near the dining hall, we put the two skin-on-frame kayaks, a cedar-strip canoe and an assortment of different paddles on the lawn where people could look at them before dinner.  They garnered a pretty good bit of attention, which was nice to see.  Some of the folks had no idea that people were still out there building their own boats and that it was possible for them to build something like we had on display.

So, if you're building a boat, don't hide your light under a bushel - share it with others!

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