Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


jbchicoine said...

Either you're hinting around that you've taken up the flute, or you're showcasing that beautiful music stand! I love the contrasting wood. As A woodworker's daughter, I ought to know what species they are...any rosewood or cherry in there?

Canoez said...

Not my flute - that belongs to DD. She's been part of the band at school now since last year. (I used to play classical guitar - not so much any more.)

The music stand was made for her from a Thomas Moser design in his book on Shaker furniture as a Christmas present. It is cherry with ash spindles and pegs. When it arrived, it was unfinished and DD wanted to do the finishing herself, so I got her some wiping oil and let her go to town. She did a pretty good job with it, I think.

I'd posted pictures of it earlier in pieces in the basement, so I figured I'd better post a picture of the finished product.

Canoez said...

Oh yeah - made by her Grandfather for her, BTW.