Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Riding the "T"

Tomorrow is another run into Boston on some personal business.  Seems I have been in the Boston area quite a bit of late - for work as well as personal stuff.  DW has been down that way more often than I have of late, but I think she can sympathize with my sentiments here.   When we go into Boston, we try to avoid driving in to town.  Why?   Boston traffic is, uh (I'm being kind here...) difficult.  Particularly at rush hours.  Also, Boston parking is either scarce, inconvenient or expensive.

When heading into Boston of late, we prefer to take the MBTA, or the "T".  It's much easier to park in their long-term lots and grab a subway train into town so you don't have to worry about getting lost, stuck in traffic or not finding adequate parking.  We've been there often enough that we got Charlie Cards:

The Charlie Card is a convenient way to ride the 'T' as we can load up a bunch of fare money on the card and not have to worry about trashing a paper ticket.  The other thing is that you pay an extra surcharge to get a paper ticket!  It's actually $0.30 cheaper per ride with the Charlie Card than the paer ticket.  The story behind Charlie and the naming of the Charlie card is a long one - too long to relate here, but I'll give you this link to the back-story over at BostonTeen.

Along with this goes the fabulous version of the song performed by the Kingston Trio:

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