Sunday, October 9, 2011

Approaching Completion

We're having a last semester of strip construction before we move on to something else.    The 'something else' will be a new build method that will be quicker and less expensive for students.  More about that later, 'tho.  The decked canoe above is a hybrid - unusual for the class - with a cedar strip hull and a marine ply deck.  We're wrapping up the trim on this boat with a coaming, rub rails and some bow and stern details.

We also glassed the inside of the canoe above.  Truly a good glassing job.  Trim is the only thing left.

The student who started on the Wavy Gravy finished stripping last weekend so we were able to pull all the fasteners and start fairing the hull - but not before we got the plane irons razor sharp.  The fairing goes pretty quickly and is a pleasant process, really.  The better you can do fairing, the nicer the hull turns out and the less longboarding time will be required later.  I'm told there are people who love sanding, but...

The cane below is so close to being ready, I'm surprised the builder can't taste it!  Fortunately she wasn't in class this week.  I say 'fortunately' because she was in New York with her son and daughter-in-law welcoming a new grandchild! Congratulations!

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