Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is one of those posts that I figure a lot of people will identify with.  As the weather is getting colder, We've started to think a little more about the bedding at home.  My DW and I share a queen-sized bed and we have a fitted sheet on the mattress and a down comforter in a cover on top of it.  In the summer time, we usually forgo the comforter and just use the cover.  To say that DW and I have different thermostats is an understatement.   In the summer time, she seems to shed heat while in the winter, her fingers and toes can be, well, downright icy.  While I'm sure that she'd disagree, I tend to be too hot in the summer and comfortably warm in the winter.  She likes to take advantage of the fact that I'm warm by heating her freezing toes on the backs of my calves.

While I am often accused of hogging the comforter,  this seems to go both ways.  Sometimes I am responsible and sometimes she is.  I think it all boils down to who is tossing and turning more.  It really shouldn't matter as we use a king-size comforter on a queen-sized bed, so there should be plenty of the comforter for both of us to share.

I have considered trying this:

...but figure that I'd wind up like this:

Then again, this post could get me the extended stay at the Fido Hotel...

One bad habit that DW and I both share is reading or working on a computer/iPad/iPod in bed.  In the winter the thermostat is set to a lower temperature fairly early in the evening, so we tend to retreat to the bed to stay warmer in the evening.  Still, we haven't resorted to this (yet) :

Sweet dreams!


jbchicoine said...

Ha! Bed-space negotiations definitely vary with the seasons. We shared a 3/4 size mattress until recently--uppped it to double, thinking it would give Todd more space...turned out that it wouldn't matter if we had a king-size--Todd would only still end up with 12 inches on the edge of the bed! I'm a classic bed HOG!
Thanks for the grin this morning! :)
Stay warm--you know IT'S coming...

Canoez said...

Glad we could tickle your funny bone this morning. DW is what is called a "starfish" sleeper (for obvious reasons) and has a tendency to sprawl. We had the same situation going from full to queen... I tend to have a sliver about "me" wide.

Funny story - I'd moved into an apartment and DW (dating back in those days...) Came to help move and stayed over at my place for the first time. We made the bed and got in after a long day of moving furniture in the snow. My cat, Charlie, who I'd had since he was a kitten, hopped up in bed between us. Obviously displeased with losing 'his' side of the bed, he put his back up against me and paws up against her and pushed - hard.