Monday, June 20, 2011

A very nice Father's Day

With a bit of a small hole in it... I'll explain.

I awoke - much later than usual - to the smell of home-made banana-blueberry muffins. If truth be told, it's a nice thing to wake up to. While it wasn't breakfast in bed, it was still appreciated. There were some nice cards on the table and a bottle of jalapeno-peach barbecue sauce. Looks good...

The hole in the day was the fact that MY father was off vacationing in Maine with the owner of the Grand Laker from the previous post. Some year when I've got the time, I'm sure that an invitation would be extended my way to join them. I usually like to arrange for little paddle-time with my dad on Father's Day and seeing some posts over at the WCHA website (One from Fitz, who I know is probably missing a paddle with his dad, unfortunately - but able to enjoy one with his son, I'm sure..) about Father's Day paddling events in various locations.

After a wonderful breakfast, DD and I wound up going to feed my father's cat in his absence and did a little weekly food shopping before the whole family went out for a late lunch. (We did get a pretty slow start on the day. I guess that was a tactical error...) One of my favorite summer eating places is a wonderful brewery in town which serves good food as well. Even better, they have an open-air deck on the roof of the place to enjoy the food and beer that they serve on a nice day - and Sunday was a gorgeous day to be outside. After lunch a little siesta in a hammock was due for "lunch recovery" before I grilled up an even later dinner.

Hopefully on my father's return, we can arrange for a nice quiet morning paddle after being able to get out the cast iron griddle for some bacon and pancakes one of these weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Canoez, there still is a very big hole in my boat. Maybe he arranged for the wonderful day with Grandma and the kids though from 'round the bend.

Thanks for the thought.