Thursday, March 24, 2011

Over the Bar : Harold H. "Dynamite" Payson

Sadly, the boat-building world has lost another one of it's foundations. Harold H. Payson passed away on the 23rd of March. Payson, known to most if not all as "Dynamite" Payson was a boatbuilder who encouraged many handy-persons to go out and build their own boat using Dynamite's "instant" boatbuilding method of building boats. Dynamite also had a fantastic relationship with Phil Bolger and had Phil develop plywood boat designs he sold that would work well with his "instant" method and Yankee sense of thrift. With Phil's passing in 2009 and now Dynamite's passing, a wonderful team has left us.

Update : Some thoughts from Carl Cramer and Dynamite's obituary from the Bangor Daily News

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