Thursday, September 9, 2010

Priorities, Priorities

Well, it has been time to get back to work on the skin-on-frame kayaks. While DW would probably question my choice of priorities in working on the boats when I could be doing other things, I've started picking away at the boats again.

When at the WoodenBoat Show this past June, the folks from Chesapeake Light Craft had some nice foot-braces for a very good price. After three attempts at home-made foot braces, I wasn't fully pleased with the results and the plastic ones looked to be a good solution as I had already spent more time than the effort was worth. I did utilize the dovetailed cherry stock from a previous effort to support the foot braces in the frame as shown below.

I've also been working at the deck rigging. It is polyester webbing with brass grommets and screws with Fastex hardware. The shorter pieces shown at the bottm will be used to attach the elastic cord in front of the paddler. Another set that are similar, but with "D"-rings will be sued to hold the seat-back. The longer pieces will be to hold the deck hatch in place.

I've got a bit more to do on the steam box assembly so we can bend the coamings and the hatch frame and cover frame, but that should be my weekend task.

It's on my priority list!

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