Monday, July 19, 2010

So I survived the last Wordless Wednesday post...

The picture that you see there is my DW, her little brother in the middle and her younger sister. I'm told the picture was taken somewhere in France when on summer holidays. That little red inflatable boat is the one that I referred to in an earlier post on the reasons why she doesn't like small boats. While the water in the picture is very calm, the water in North Wales where she overturned in the same boat was anything but. I still think that she's very brave to try going out in small boats again, 'tho.

The part that I survived was the thread label "vintage".

When discussing DW's paddling exploits with DaGoof, I found out that his DW, DS and DD had been out paddling with he and his FIL over the weekend. I believe it was his DS and DD's first trip in a canoe. (fortunately a very beamy model with the DS leaning over to trail his hands in the water...) His DW got to paddle his Wee Lassie; The Blue Streak for the first time and was rather surprised at how quick it was.

I guess we're going to be building boats for both DW's pretty soon...

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