Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'll have mine without the 10W-30 gravy, please

I'm beginning to wish that I had a long road trip coming up. Mostly it is because of this book. Our local transfer station where we go to drop off our household trash and recycling has a "book shack". You can drop off or take books from the book shack. There are all kinds of books and this is certainly proof of that. Manifold Destiny, or at least the version my DW picked up for me was written sometime back in the early 1990's and is a modern treatise on a very old skill. Basically, when going for a trip, you would make up a meal, wrap it in foil and strap it to a hot spot on your car's engine with baling wire. After a certain number of miles, you would stop and enjoy a hot meal for your lunch.

She picked it on a lark for me to read and have a laugh about, but I'm actually thinking about giving it a try. The only hard part is how to find that hot spot on a car engine whose manifold and valve cover are in turn covered by bits of plastic. Then again, bailing wire isn't quite as common as it used to be either.

Perhaps a nice pork tenderloin, but I think I'd need a 400 mile trip for that!


jbchicoine said...

Ha! Now I know what we'll do if we end up having to drive our 1953 Chrysler to NH!

Anonymous said...

I have worked with drill rig crews that heated their lunch in mid-winter that way.


Canoez said...

My brother went to visit a drilling rig when he worked for a manufacturer of power turbines. He was surprised to discover that on the rig everyone had their own set of silverware. If you didn't know this, you were outta luck when it was dinnertime!

He had to borrow a set of silverware to be able to eat!