Friday, February 26, 2010


...but I'll wait until after work.


David said...

Looks delicious! On accepting employment with Jeff at H20 Composites up here in Tavistock, I had to ask if the small fridge in the office could be used to occasionally store beer! So the occasional Friday, toward the end of day, we have cracked open a wonderful sample from one of our Microbreweries, favorite among them Unibrou Chambly, and Mill Street!
- The Accidental Canoeist -

jbchicoine said...

Is that chocolate? You need to post that over at the pub so I can taste some!

Almost American said...

There's some left? Where did you hide it? Or were you planning on buying some on your way home form work?

Canoez said...

David - The Unibroue stuff is very nice. I enjoy the Maudite in particuar.

Bridget - It's a Belgian style chocolate ale that is brewed by a company in Cooperstown New York. They offer a very nice selection of ales. I'm sure even Lefty would recommend them.

Left? You think there's any left? ;-D

David said...

There is nothing like a well stocked fridge at the cottage, with Maudite, Raftman, Blanche de Chambly, and Fin du Monde all sitting neatly on the bottom shelf!