Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post is a picture of...


At work, we have a landscaping company that takes care of the parking lot. They use a lot of salt. When I went out to my car on Monday, this huge chunk was near my car. A little excessive, no? Our tarmac surface is very often white because they use so much of it.

I have this mental picture - a snowflake is falling gently from the sky, enjoying it's trip towards the ground. It then notices our parking lot and begins screaming only to be annihilated in a puff of steam as it hits the parking lot.

This seems to be true as I have yet to see snow build up on our parking lot.


I must store this away as a mental note : While clearing yesterday's precipitation I discovered that a Husqvarna 8.5 horsepower snowblower *can* pump water.

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