Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little literary diversion.

Last week one of my students passed on a copy of a book that she'd read for me to look though. I've been pretty busy this week and hadn't even been able to look past the notes on the dust jacket. Today was no exception. After taking DD and a friend out to lunch after my canoe building class this morning, I returned home to scrape the scary (and mostly fluid) pumpkins up with a snow shovel and carry them to the compost bin and do a bit of garage cleaning and organizing.

This evening I got a few moments to sit down with the book. It's The Year of the Boat by Lawrence Cheek and have discovered that it is about his personal journey to build his own wooden boat. It's one of those books with a really incongruous start - the author and would-be boatbuilder is a native of El Paso, Texas - not a real hub of boat building. The chapter titles such as Impatience, Glop, Grit and The Zen of Screwing Up portend some interesting reading.

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