Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The View from Here

Is just a little bit gray today. It made me think back longingly to the wonderful weather we had this past weekend.

This past weekend was Memorial Day. The weather was clear and warm with a nice breeze which was perfect for our plans. We always make it a point to attend the local parade to honor those who have served and those who have fallen defending the country. My DW did a nice post on it here. It's home-town Americana in a Norman Rockwell sort of way. We then invited my father to join us for a picnic lunch of sorts.

For me, one of the nice things about the day is that I get a day off and get to spend some time with the family and some time relaxing. My DW had invited some friends of DS and DD over to play for a few hours in the afternoon, so while they were playing together in the sprinkler, I decided with the nice weather and breeze that I'd get in a little hammock time. It was just a tad too breezy to go paddling, or I would have grabbed the boat and gone. (Well, OK - that and the fact that I've got to set up the new rack for the car...) I quite enjoyed the view:

I must admit, however, that I sometimes have a hard time relaxing. After some time spent just sitting and thinking about various things, I started to get down to that point where you're ready to consider naval lint and was noticing a few dead branches in my view. This led me down the path of thinking of those things in the yard that need doing. So, I got down out of the hammock and got some tools and started to do a bit of yard work.

When I finally assuaged the guilt of sitting doing little for a few minutes, I decided that I'd earned a bit more hammock time. As I arrived at the hammock, what did I see but this:

DD had co-opted the hammock from me and was relaxing in it with a book. Seems she knows how to relax. I guess I need to take a few lessons.


Da Goof said...

"...hard time relaxing..."

what is that again? ;-)

Canoez said...

Yeah, You've got a LONG while till you can sit back and relax again, Goof. When they're out of the toddler can-I-eat-this-or-stick-my-fingers-in this-is-this-sharp-what-does-this-do phase you can start to think about relaxing.

Then, when they get a little older, more independent and devious, you've gotta be on your guard again.