Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday

You will probably think that I'm off my rocker today, but bear with me. (Pun intended.) This post really goes along with my earlier "P-rule" post. As you know from some of my other posts I am working on a new project - a skin on frame kayak. Perhaps because I am an engineer (and bear of little brain), I like to be able to think about my boatbuilding a bit trying to make the method work better or easier. This is particularly true of new projects whether it be a new design or build method. It's really important to sit and think through the process before beginning. In boatbuilding, the materials can be expensive and the processes relatively irreversable. You want to head off your mistakes before they happen.

While most boat building books refer to the "moaning chair", where you sit after the mistake has happened and put the tools down so you don't either a) do more damage or b) hurt yoursef, I am of the Pooh school of thot and vote for the "thotful spot". It's pre-emptive in nature. It should be a quiet, comfortable space where you can work undisturbed. Sit in your "thotful spot" with a "restorative beverage" (Thanks, Greg Rössel!) and some books, paper, plans or whatever helps you visualize what you are about to do. Work it through however it works best for you before you actually go and do the work. I find this method to be very helpful. If you find yourself at an impasse, don't let the "thotful spot" become the "moaning chair" - go and find another resource or ask someone who may know. It works a lot better!


J. B. Chicoine said...

I agree--the pre-emptive "thotful spot" (along with the restorative beverage) is a much better alternative to the moaning chair! :)

Canoez said...

Yeah. The moaning chair is all in your head! :-D