Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Stinking Billy said...

Hi, I am here via your comment to 'Almost American's blog. Sadly, I have no interest in canoes or boating but, on scrolling down your well illustrated blogsite, I couldn't quite believe that you have never attracted one comment in your last seven posts.

Comments are (wrongly) regarded as a yardstick of our success by us poor bloggers, and I can only admire your fortitude in forging on, regardless. Oh, and thanks for putting me right on American 'lean-to's. Good luck.

Canoez said...

Well, comments are nice, but I don't rely on them as a sign that people are reading (although I know that they are...) Since I moved over from Yahoo's blog site, earlier this year, I've had over 800 visitors to this blog - some random click-through and some repeat visitors from all over the world.

I try not to keep the blog solely about canoes and boating, but about life in general and things I find strange or interesting. You might find things you are interested in - you never know.

For most people a blog solely about that one narrow slice of my existence - canoe building and canoing - would just be a bit too slim.