Thursday, June 19, 2008

Price of fuel...

It seems that recently the price of gas has gone from, "No way..." to "OMG, WTH?!?" As a matter of fact, the cartoon above comes from the point in time when it was "No way..." In our area, gas has literally gone up by almost 35% since early February. So, it is only fitting that as a boat builder I try to improve my MPG:

A recent study found the average wooden canoe builder walks 23,000 steps or 6.7 miles in building a wooden cedarstrip canoe. Another study found that the average canoe builder drinks, on average, 7.8 gallons of beer while building a cedarstrip canoe.That means, on average, the average wooden cedarstrip canoe gets about 116 miles per gallon (MPG)*.

Kind of makes you proud, eh?

* Cited MPG is for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage may vary depending on the square-footage and physical layout of your shop, and your distance away from the beer capitol of the world, Milwaukee, WI.

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