Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was naked today.

Yesterday, I went to help someone put fiberglass on a canoe he was building. When I came home last night, it was very late and I just changed my clothes and went to bed.

This morning, I got up and got myself ready for work, fixed some lunches and got out the door.

I didn't realize I was naked until I got to work.

I'd left my pocket knife at home. I have a Swiss Army "Tinker" model that I always carry. I use it at least once a day, usually more often. I have several things that I always have on me. When I don't have them, I feel, well, naked. These items are as follows:
  • a wrist watch
  • a pocket knife
  • keys
  • change
  • a wallet
  • glasses
  • cell phone (Well, sort of naked without this...)
  • comb (Don't ask me why, I almost never use it. Force of habit, I suppose.)
What are you naked without?

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