Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mystic Seaport Museum

Anyone with any interest at all in boats should take the time to go and visit Mystic Seaport. I say this because the place has so much to offer. There are programs for kids and families, people interested in the construction boats, arts and crafts related to the sea and all different kinds of history regarding the sea. You can even:

- tour the houses of the seaport and learn about 18th and 19th century life there.

- rent a boat and go sailing or rowing.

-take a ride on one of the shuttles, the coal fired Sabino (a coal fired ferry), or ride on their sailing catboat

-tour the last whaling ship, the Charles Morgan. and the dory fishing schooner LA Dutton.

- see the building or re-construction of some really large wooden boats.

What is always amazing to me, personally, is that I've never really gotten to see the whole place. Maybe someday I will!

There are also special events there during the year to interest a whole variety of people. For example, in June, there will be the John Gardener Small Craft Weekend, In early July, the WoodenBoat show will be coming back to Mystic. Even if (God Forbid!) you don't care for boats, there are historical exhibits, programs on food and perennial gardening, and holiday events for the whole family!

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