Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Fresh Start?

Well, with the impending changes over at Yahoo!360, I finally decided that I'd better consider a new blog site, so here I am.

So, why the title?

Some days it just seems you spend your whole day paddling upstream. Some days you get pretty far, and other days the current just keeps pushing you back.

Like the rest of my life, this blog is definitely going to be "ecclectic". As my profile notes, I like a little bit of everything. My material could come from just about anywhere. Don't be surprised at what you see!

I am:
  • Married with two small children
  • A mechanical engineer
  • An instructor who teaches others to build cedar strip canoes
I like:
  • to cook
  • to paddle
  • to camp
  • to travel
  • to eat and drink well
  • gadgets
Let's see where this goes!

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