Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This One is for Tom Jackson

So, this past weekend, my DW flew to the UK for a milestone birthday for her Mum.  (One doesn't disclose the age of a lady, of course.)  It was an excellent opportunity for the family to be together and while it would have been nice to have been able for the whole family to go, it's just a bit prohibitive to fly a family of 4 to the UK for the weekend...

At any rate, DW was planning on flying Icelandair to the UK as the price was very good.  The other concern was that she was able to obtain a re-bookable business class ticket for a good price in case she needed to re-schedule for whatever reason.  There were a few nice perks to this, including use of the airport lounges and a bit better seating, but I keep reminding her that she shouldn't get used to it...

The one thing about flying on Icelandair is that the flight hub is Reykjavik's Keflavik International Airport - actually located down the coast in Keflavik, so the flight that she took to Manchester airport in the UK had stop-overs in Iceland.  On the return leg, she had some time to kill and wanted to pick up some things for DD, DS and myself.  She chose some t-shirts.

This is where Tom Jackson fits in.

The man both edits and writes for WoodenBoat Magazine and really looks the part of a Viking.  Ironically, he wrote an article in issue 206 about a trip he took from Dublin to Denmark on a reproduction Viking longship.  He's a powerfully built man with a salt-and-pepper beard and a quiet thoughtful demeanor and good sense of humor, actually.

One of the last times I saw Tom, he was wearing a WoodenBoat T-shirt with a Viking proverb on the back : "Bundin er båtlaus mardur." - literally - "Bound is boatless man."  Being that the front of the shirt is the WoodenBoat logo - a Viking longship viewed bow on, I figured he'd have loved to get his hands on both the shirt my DW brought me back and the bag it came home in:

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