Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Bit Like Wild Kingdom

I was half-expecting Marlin Perkins to pop out from around a corner tonight.  We've got quite a bit of wildlife that passes through our yard from the very small (field mice and voles) to the rather large. (black bears, deer)  Most of our wildlife tends to be mid-sized - like the squirrels, rabbits and the occasional skunk.

This past weekend, I didn't manage to get the lawn mowing done as it seemed to rain pretty much all weekend.  So, with all the rain we got, the lawn definitely needed a good mowing.  I decided that when I got home from work tonight, I'd hop on the lawn tractor and get things done. 

Firing up the mower, I started to make my first pass around the yard.  As I came around the front and headed towards the garden, I could see something in the grass, sitting there.  As I got closer, I saw that it was one of the rabbits that hangs around.  It was staring at me with mouth agape.

I could almost hear the leporine gasp escape the fuzzy beggar's mouth.  "You're going to cut that?  I was going to eat that..." 

As I got closer still, the rabbit held his ground.

I stopped the mower - probably less than 10 feet from the rabbit and it didn't move - not one inch.

I waved my hands at the rabbit to shoo it away.  It didn't move - not one inch.

I got down off the mower and walked over towards the rabbit.  It didn't move - not one inch.

I finally got within about two feet of the rabbit before it finally took off and went underneath the deck where it probably sat watching in dismay as I cut away the tenderest tips of fresh grass, along with clover and blossoms.

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