Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why do I feel this was written by Monty Python?


Fisherman in Belarus bleeds to death after beaver attack  

A man from the city of Brest was bitten in the thigh, which severed an main artery, during a trip with two friends at Lake Shestakov.

A fisherman was savaged to death by a beaver after going up close to try and take its picture.
The man, visiting from the city of Brest, who has not been named, was viciously attacked during a trip with two friends at Lake Shestakov in Belarus.

Sky News reports he spotted the animal at the side of the road and decided to take its photograph.
But the beaver pounced, sinking its pointed fangs into his thigh — which severed a main artery and caused him to bleed to death.

The man's friends tried to stem the flow of blood but it was no use.
Experts say beaver attacks are rare, and that the ones that do attack humans are usually rabid.

(ed - With big nasty pointy teeth?)


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