Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday

Questions, questions...

One of the things that I find with some of my former students, is that they're not.

This is a good thing.

What do I mean?  Well, very often, my students embark on a new boat or the restoration of an old boat.  Many of the skills that they've learned in my class are transferable to building a new canoe or kayak or restoring another boat.

What I usually find is that in my class my students get a good overview of the building process.  They also get the opportunity to learn from challenges and mistakes.  I get people from various backgrounds with varying levels of experience.  Often, the students are not only learning how to build a boat, but are also learning to be woodworkers as well, learning what the hand and power tools can do.  When they finish their boat and leave the class they've done all the things to build their own boat, but they are still growing.

After the students "graduate" they often call on me with questions about something they've done and forgotten how to do, or would like help doing.  They sometimes ask me questions about things that I may or may not have experience with.  If I have knowledge, I tend to share it if I can.  Sometimes it spurs me to learn something new, myself.  Sometimes it sparks a post here - like this one.

The big thing is that - like me - my students continue as students, polishing their skills and expanding their knowledge, but remain connected.

Never stop learning.

As I said above, this is a good thing - a very good thing.

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