Saturday, November 24, 2012

Really? REALLY?

I managed to go until November 19th before I heard my first Christmas music on the radio.   Still, it was a bit too early for me.

I enjoy Christmastime.  Really I do.  I'm not really a misanthrope or a curmudgeon.  However, I do have my limits.  I really, really prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time. 

Even more egregious than the music - I went in to a local big-box home improvement store to get something at the end of September - there were both Halloween and Christmas decorations on display.  About a week later, I went in to a local pharmacy - they had displays of Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas decorations on display.  At the same time.  It hadn't even been Columbus Day weekend yet.


I know that economic times are tough and that retailers make a significant amount of their profits on holiday shopping at the end of the year, but it would really be nice if we could just celebrate one holiday at a time.  I usually wait until at least the first week in December before I decorate for Christmas or will even think of putting Christmas music on.  I might do a bit of holiday shopping before the 1st of December, but only if I find something special or unique - and I certainly don't go out on "Black Friday" or "Grey Thursday" as they're now calling Thanksgiving Day shopping.  The commercialization of the holidays - and particularly Christmas -  is getting out of hand.

Let's remember the true meaning of the season and all of the holidays that everyone celebrates at this time of year.


Mike Taylor said...

No Easter Eggs yet?

Canoez said...

Yannow, Mike - I _DID_ see some of the Cadbury cream eggs in the store just about a week or two ago. Usually we don't start seeing them until the end of February or early March.

Still, the Easter eggs we get here in the States can't hold a candle to the ones in the UK - particularly some of the ones that I saw in the window at Thornton's!