Monday, July 23, 2012

Launch Party!

This past weekend, two of my students launched the canoe that they built together.  The canoe has been the fruits of their hard work over the past three years and has wonderful details including Peruvian Walnut feature strip and trim, and Mesquite decks.  The weather was perfect and the attendees included friends of the couple as well as fellow students from the class.   As you can see from the photo above, even before the launching ceremony, the canoe was garnering lots of attention and getting many pictures taken.

Beautiful, no?

The event started with a wonderful pot-luck picnic luncheon and then went on to the launch ceremony.  A little bubbly was poured over the bow of the boat and offered to the waters:

After the bubbly was poured, her name was disclosed - Bonnet Rouge or Red Cap - a subtle pun on the toques of the coureurs de bois - the fur traders who wore woolen nightcaps as they travelled. (as the canoe design is based on a Canadian Prospector design)  In addition, it was also a reminder of all of the time spent looking for the small red cap that was used to cover the top of their glue bottle.

Finally, the builders put their craft to it's intended use!


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