Monday, January 24, 2011

Serious Frigidare

(Pun intended)

Yeah, it's been cold here. Seriously cold. Bitterly finger-freezing cold. This morning we had temperatures in the range of -10°F to -22°F in the area before wind chills were added. I think the temperature here at the house was supposed to be -17°F. I took these pictures of windows in our house this morning after opening the insulated blinds to try to see if the birds were at the feeders or just frozen to the branches. Mind you, those windows are relatively new double-pane glass and that's not just frost, that's ICE!

DS opened the front door and the moisture that was in the air in the house was visibly flashing off as vapor both inside and out - the moisture outside appeared to be precipitating on the front porch as a fine snow!

When we got out to the car, my normally rock-solid and dependable Honda Civic refused to start on the first try, started and then quit on the second try and finally started on the third try. I did complain quite a bit and the fan didn't sound quite right for a while.

DW decided to try an experiment this morning. We'd seen a YouTube video of people throwing a cup full of boiling water into the air at -30°F and it basically just evaporates as the air is so dry with nothing hitting the ground. It appears that she succeeded.

At work today, I spent a fair amount of my time outdoors. While my co-workers originally laughed at my choice of foot wear (Sorel winter boots rated to -50°F) they began to warm up to the idea of these ludicrous-looking boots the longer we spent outside. Oh yeah - propane-fired heat-shrink guns RULE for melting ice!

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