Monday, August 23, 2010


With questionable sanity, DW and I made the decision earlier this year that we'd take DS and DD to go and visit family in the UK. With some trepidation about Icelandic volcanoes and British Airways labor disputes, we booked the trip just the same. With all of those thoughts still hanging over our heads, we managed to have a great (relaxing?) trip. We spent lots of time visiting with family and friends and seeing the sights. We even managed to get in a few pub lunches along the way.

Still, no trip could be complete without some boaty things:
  • The day we arrived we had a trip in a rented motorboat on the Thames.
  • We saw some nice boat related things along the coast in North Wales.
  • A trip to the Liverpool Maritime Museum (Via the Mersey Ferry)
  • We had a ride on the Anderton Boat Lift.
  • A slightly sad visit was had to the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum...
  • Viking boats...
  • The second boat trip on the Thames - a high speed catamaran.
Over the next few days, I'll see if I can tempt you with some interesting sights!

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