Monday, January 5, 2009

Squirrels Redux

I had been thinking of writing another post about our resident wildlife, and my friend Russ pushed me over the edge with the picture above. We have 6 relatively large and one small feeder outside for the birds and other wildlife. (read:squirrels).

  • Thistle feeder (5 pounds of seed)
  • Small window-mounted feeder (maybe a pound of seed)
  • 2 small feeders in the front yard (2-1/2 pounds of seed)
  • 2 larger feeders in the back yard (5 pounds of seed)
  • Large "Squirrel Proof" feeder (8 pounds of seed)
This is a LOT of seed. I filled the feeders last Tuesday evening before an anticipated snow storm. On Wednesday morning, we had quite a large number of birds at the feeders - chiefly goldfinches in their winter coats at the thistle feeder. Very often all 6 perches on the feeder were full and other birds were fighting to get to the perches. On Thursday morning, we left on a trip to visit family for a long weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we returned about 3 PM.

The feeders were all empty on our return.

That was 29 pounds of thistle and sunflower seeds.


Our birds and squirrels must have gotten into the espresso.

I figured I'd fill the feeders on my return home from work on Monday.

Monday, we awoke to an ice storm and I went out to spread some ice melter on the sidewalks and driveway. The tree in the front yard that holds the feeders was full of complaining birds - there were birds on the tree like Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree. I filled the two feeders and was backing out of the driveway when the grey pigs came along and scared the birds away from the feeders. I filled the remainder of the feeders Monday after work. I'll be interested to see how long it lasts.

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